Terms of Use

JP drugstore (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) has stipulated “Terms of Service” (hereinafter referred to as “the Terms”) for the use of BuyForMe service (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) provided for Members of the Company. The Terms set forth are shown below. In addition to provisions herein specified, the Company shall be entitled to formulate additional terms at its discretion which shall form as a part along with the provisions herein.
Hence, Members must agree with all the Terms and conditions herein set forth when using the Service. Besides, in the event that the Terms are inconsistent with individual articles, the latter shall prevail, and as for other parts, the Terms and other individual articles shall be all applicable.
Hence, you must agree with all the Terms and conditions for the sake of using the Service.

Article 1 (Membership)
Members refers to those who agree with the regulations of the Terms, and apply for Membership on internet and for the purpose of using the Service provided by the Company and whose Memberships are recognized by the Company.
The Membership shall not be granted, lended, assigned, sold or mortgaged to the third party.

Article 2 (Modification of Terms of Use)
The Company has the right to modify the Terms without prior consent or notification. All the matters in connection with the Service shall be based on the terms and conditions modified after the terms are subject to modification.

Article 3 (Apply for Membership)
Those would-be Member (hereinafter referred to as “Would-be Member”) shall apply for Membership on the internet in person. In the event that the Would-be Member is minor, then they shall apply for Membership after obtaining the consent of guardians.
The Membership registration procedures shall be completed after obtaining the consent of the Company on the previous application. However, the Company may reject the application of Would-be Member if the Company finds that they are in line with any of the following conditions and their Membership will be revoked even if their applications have been approved.
(1) The Would-be Member is a juvenile and the application has been done without consent of guardians.
(2) The Would-be Member has been subject to Membership cancellation before due to the breach of the Terms.
(3) The Would-be Member has provided false proof or wrong messages or has left out some blanks when applying for Membership.
(4) The Would-be Member has not paid off the debts owing to the Company.
(5) The Would-be Member has obstructed the operation and service provision of the Company or hindered the use of Service of the third party including Sellers (referred to the definitions set forth in Article 9) or may cause relevant obstructions.
(6) Other matters the Company may view as unsuitable for applying for Membership.

Article 4 (Management of Member’ ID and Passwords)
The Members shall be liable for managing their ID and passwords authorized by the Company after they have registered.
The Member shall not give, lend, assign, sell, nor mortgage the ID and passwords to the third party.
Members shall assume the damage responsibilities arising out of improper management, misuse or use by third party of ID and passwords and the Company bears no responsibility thereof. In addition, the behavior of use of the Service with ID and password shall be deemed as the behaviors carried out by the Member itself and all the relevant liabilities arising from that shall be assumed by the Member.
Members shall inform the Company that the ID or password has leaked to or is suspected to be misused by the third party, in the meanwhile the Members shall conduct as per the instructions by the Company if available. Besides, the Members shall cover the damages and losses of the Company incurred by the misuse of ID and passwords.
Members are obliged to change passwords on a regular basis and the Company shall not be responsible for any losses caused by the outstanding obligations.
Members are not re-authorized with ID and passwords unless otherwise approved by the Company.

Article 5 (Changes of Items Declared)
If the items declared to the Company are changed, the Member shall report to the company and apply for modifications via Email as below by attaching the supportive data for the items to be modified:
JPdrugstore Customer Service Center
E-mail: [email protected]

Article 6 (Management and Use of Personal Information)
The Company uses the personal data of the Members for the following purposes.
(1) Member Management;
(2) Selling or providing the products, rights, digital contents, services and financial commodities (hereinafter referred to as “Commodity”) for the Company and third party;
(3) Carrying out promos and contest planning;
(4) The Members shall simplify the Membership registration when apply for Member services in the Company and its subsidiary corporations (hereinafter referred to as “the Company Group”);
(5) Notices necessary for the operation of the Network Service (including via email etc.);
(6) The ads and publicity, promotional sales between the Company and the third party (including via email etc.);
(7) Sending email newsletter;
(8) Package and delivery business of commodities;
(9) Charge calculation and payment requests;
(10) Providing coupon and other services;
(11) Publishing the news of Members’ contributions;
(12) All kinds of consulting and providing after-sales services;
(13) Survey and analysis of marketing data, research and development of new services;
(14) Integrating statistical data provided for the business partners regulated by the Company and Company Group, based on the following purposes, the Company Group can use the data and consumption records (including coupon etc.) provided by Members when they are registered. The Company shall comply with the Privacy Polices and properly protect Personal Information to the extent that no Personal Information shall be given to the third party without personal identification. However, the Company shall provide the third party with the Personal Information under the conditions specified as follows:
(1) Under the consent of Member;
(2) It’s required to be disclosed pursuant to decrees and regulations; when it’s used for investigating criminal cases and other legal procedures; or it shall be disclosed under the request of Consumer Center, Lawyer Association and other public sectors based on justice;
(3) Forwarding the order information of Members to business partners, such as freight corporations;
(4) It’s required to be disclosed to business partners when Members purchase or attempt to purchase the commodities from business partners;
(5) When it’s required to disclose the delivery country or the language selected by Members when using the Service by business partner or Seller (referred to the definition in the following provision);
(6) When it’s necessary for delivering commodities or providing services;
(7) When it’s required to be disclosed to the personnel related to commodity payment;
(8) When it’s required to be disclosed to the business partners for proving coupons and other services provided by the Company or business partners;
(9) When entrusting all or part of the business executed by the Company to the third party;
(10) When it’s required to be disclosed to the successor of business merger or business transfer;
(11) When admission of Personal Information Protection Act and other decrees are obtained;
Cookie may be applied by the Company when the Members are using the Service.

Article 7 (Membership Withdrawal)
Members are allowed to apply for Membership withdrawal as per the regulations set forth by the Company.
Members shall apply for Membership withdrawal in the form of Email:
JPdrugstore Customer Service Center
E-mail: [email protected]
If the Member dies, the Company will deem that the Member has withdrawn the Membership upon its death and no ID or passwords will be available for it any more.

Article 8 (Termination and Discharge of Membership)
The Company shall terminate or discharge the Membership of Members without prior notification or notices under following conditions:
(1) ID, password or the Service is misused or granted to others.
(2) Members fail to make payment within the time specified.
(3) Members are involved in the legal procedures or they submit the applications to terminate their memberships.
(4) When the password error times are over the ones regulated by the Company.
(5) Fails to use the Service within the period stipulated by the Company.
(6) When Members breach the Terms and other individual articles.
(7) When Members are determined to give up Membership.

Article 9 (Contents of the Service)
The Contents of the Service is purchasing Japan’s local products (hereinafter referred to as “Commodity”) of the Company under the commission of Members vie online shopping or physical store shopping (hereinafter referred to as “Seller”) and delivering the Commodity to the places designated by the Members through direct mail in Japan.
As stated in preceding paragraph, the Service is the Commodity purchased according to the designation and instruction of Members. Therefore, the Company is solely responsible for the purchasing and delivery of Commodity specified by the Members. And the Company shall be free from the liabilities arising from the relevant inquiry, customer complaints, assurance liability in flaw and other requirements about the Commodity delivered.
The Company purchased the Commodity from Seller under the name of the Company.
Members shall grant the Company with the permission to sign Delivery Contract under the name of Member and the Company will sign Delivery Contract of the Commodity to be delivered with cooperative freight forwarders. The Company shall not liable for any losses beyond the responsibility of the Company or any losses caused by delivery accidents that further lead to no delivery, delayed delivery or impairment of the Commodity.
The sales dealers and delivery dealers accessible to the Members and the type, size, weight, amount, delivery address and other conditions of the commodity provided with the Service shall be limited to the scope regulated by the Company. Members shall not use the Service beyond the scope specified by the Company.

Article 10 (Purchasing of the Commodity)
If Members desire to buy unpublicized commodities, they shall apply for purchasing Commodity subject to the regulations and procedures stipulated by the Company. Only Members are allowed to apply for purchasing commodity.
The application submitted by the Members takes effect after the consent of the Company and the credit card payment of the Members as well as the contract made and concluded for commissioned shopping between the Company and Members.
The Company shall, at its discretion, determine whether to accept the application submitted by the Members.
The commodity delivery between Members and the Company shall, in principle, be construed as completed upon the delivery made by the Company.
The bonus points gained from commodity purchasing shall be owned by the Company.
Members shall assume the costs related to commodity purchasing and delivery (hereinafter referred to as “Commodity Payment”). And other non-related costs shall be assumed by the Company. “Commodity Payment” includes the freight charges incurred from sellers, remittance service fees incurred when paying the money to sellers and other expenses involved. The taxes in Japan and custom duties of different countries, handling fees and oversea shipping charges are also included herein.
Members shall pay the costs attached to the Service of the Company when purchasing Commodity. And the Company shall change them into expenses for the Service without prior notice.
Members shall not amend the rights established in the Contract with the Company, such as transferring the rights to the third party or putting the rights in pledge, etc..
In the event of any of the conditions stated in Article 15 hereunder, the Company agrees to discharge the Contract without prior notices.
The Commodity charges shall not be refunded to Members if the Contract for purchasing commodity is discharged.
If Members refuse to receive the Commodity, the Company shall sell, cast off or return the Commodity to the Seller. And Members shall not object to it.

Article 11 (Prohibited Commodity for the Service)
Members shall not use the Service for the following commodities:
(1) Cash, checks, bank notes, shares or other negotiable securities (including air tickets, concert tickets and other tickets);
(2) Credit cards, fiscal or other cards;
(3) Bankbook or debit card of the financial institution;
(4) Letters or communication methods defined as letter by the law in force;
(5) Living plants and animals, dead animals or animal specimens;
(6) Human body or part of it, human remains, osseous remains and memorial tablets;
(7) Drinks and foods or other perishable or corruptible objects;
(8) Dopes, marijuana, drugs, psychotropic drugs and other drugs;
(9) Guns, swords, weapons, armor, gunpowder, explosives, poison and severe drugs;
(10) Articles banned or restricted to be transported, exported or imported by the custom authorities or local governments;
(11) Child pornography, adult video or other obscenity;
(12) Articles obtained by improper approaches or means;
(13) Other articles which are not recognized by the Delivery Terms of the freight forwarder;
(14) Other items identified by the Company as inappropriate.

Article 12 (Check and Delivery of the Commodity)
The Commodity shall, for the purpose of confirming the contents, be checked upon before it is delivered to the Company. After the check, the package materials shall be recycled or returned at the discretion of the Company. But the Company is exempted from the liability for the Commodity; the Company’s checking results shall not guarantee the quality of the Commodity or its status of laws and regulations in the countries of delivery. Moreover, the Commodity shall be first received and checked by the Company and Members shall not ask Seller to send the Commodity directly to the oversea or domestic address designated.
The operations described in the preceding paragraphs shall be conducted by the Company pursuant to standard procedures made by the Company. In the course of operations, the Company will confirm whether there are significant differences between the Commodity and the statements of the Commodity (hereinafter referred to as “Commodity Statements”) described by the Seller. Only the original copy of the Commodity Statements by the Seller instead of the translated versions shall be applicable.
The Company, in principle, will not confirm the following items: confirmation of the contents yet to be described in Commodity Statements, the authenticity of the brand, confirmation requiring professional commodity-related knowledge, confirmation of quantity and status of single commodity with over 25 pieces of contents, confirmation of commodity which needs to be disassembled or assembled, confirmation of commodity which needs to be unpacked or unsealed, confirmation of operation of electrical products and confirmation of contents of CD and recording medias, etc..
Furthermore, the result of the operations shall not guarantee the quality of the Commodity or be used to determine whether the Commodity is defective, authentic or if it breaches the relevant laws and regulations of the countries of delivery, transient places and destinations. Nor shall it guarantee the Commodity be normally functioned and free from damages.
In the case of an inspection of commodity as provided for in Article 3 herein, if the items are found to be in violation of the relevant laws the Company shall report to the police or other competent agencies and propose the corresponding measures.
The Company shall not be responsible for any losses of Members incurred beyond the scope of responsibility.
The Company will take over the Commodity delivery procedures and export formalities for Members after the Company completes the confirmation. In addition, the delivery address that can be specified by the Members are the oversea address or the Japanese domestic ones recognized by the Company. The Company shall, at its discretion, determine delivery methods, international freight charges, delivery-related expenses, handling fees, etc. based on the weight, size of Commodities confirmed. Furthermore, the Delivery Date of the Commodity shall be at the Company’s discretion and Members shall not specify the Delivery Date and time.
As for the Commodity Delivery described in the preceding paragraph, the Company shall execute as per the instruction of Members provided, however, the Members shall bear the responsibilities. Therefore, the Company shall not be liable for matters such as commodity name, amount, quantity, import/export tariffs or laws prohibiting import of the Commodity. Moreover, the tariffs incurred and tax levied by the delivery countries shall be assumed and paid by Members.
Members shall not change the delivery address of Commodity after shipment or if they fail to file an application according to the methods specified by the Company.

Article 13 (Contract cancellation due to non-delivery of Commodity)
The Company shall, after accepting the Commodity purchasing application filed by Members, purchase Commodity from Seller for Members. In consequence, Members shall not, after applying for purchase, cancel the application due to reasons attributed to Members even before the Contract is established. Besides, the contract shall not be discharged after the stipulation of the Contract.
In the event of any of the following provisions, the Company may cancel the purchase of the Commodity:
(1) When the Seller of Commodity desires to cancel the Purchase Contract;
(2) When the Commodity fails to be delivered to the Company by the Seller 30 days after the date of order. But the cases for the Commodity with prior explanation either by trade description or other manners stating that extended period needed for the Commodity produced after order shall be excluded.

Article 14 (Sales Return of Commodity)
If Members find that the operation results confirmed as per Article 12 and the trade description contents specified in online shopping site are apparent inconformity with the actual Commodity, or when there are matters as set forth in Article 2, Members shall agree that the Company shall, on behalf of Members, negotiate with the Seller of Commodity for the convenience of sales return and refund. The Company shall, based on the negotiation results, return the refunds of Seller to Members. And the Company will not guarantee the negotiation results for Members.
Pursuant to the preceding regulations, when the Commodity is returned to the Seller, Members shall be liable for relevant costs and freight charges actually incurred.

Article 15 (Refusal of the Service Provision)
The Company shall refuse to provide the Service for the following reasons or concerns:
(1) Commodity refers to any one specified in Article 11;
(2) When the address of Members or the delivery address of Commodity cannot be confirmed;
(3) When the cargo carrier refuses to deliver the Commodity;
(4) When the Commodity is prohibited by the custom office;
(5) When the Members refuse to pay the costs;
(6) When the Company finds that there are apparent mistakes in purchase costs or other sales conditions between those recorded by the Seller and the ones recorded by the Company;
(7) When the Company find it hard to get the Commodity to be purchased by Members;
(8) When Members fail to pay Commodity costs during the period regulated by the Company;
(9) When Members fail to receive Commodity under the regulated period;
(10) When Members are in violation of the Terms;
(11) When it’s judged to be improper by the Company;

Article 16 (Disposal of Not deliverable Commodity)
Upon the receipt of the Commodity specified in Article 11, the Company shall sell, abandon or return the Commodity to the Seller.
Under the condition that the preceding regulated matters (except for Item 1 and Item 8. Applicable to hereunder) exist, if the Company has received the Commodity, the Commodity shall, from the date of receipt, be kept for 30 days.
If the matters regulated in the preceding article are discharged by Members during the term described in preceding article, then Members shall instruct the Company to deliver the Commodity to the address of Members or instruct the Company to adopt the methods recognized by the Company.
If Members fail to discharged the matters regulated in the preceding article during the term described in preceding article and propose to dispose the Commodity, the Company shall sell the Commodity or dispose the Commodity by any other methods.
The Company shall not be liable for any responsibilities after proceeding the Commodity based on the regulations even if there are any losses to the Members.
The Company shall not be restricted by the Article when executing civil enforcement laws.

Article 17 (Change and Cancellation of the Service)
The Company shall, at any time, directly change or cancel the Service contents without prior notices. The losses or damages to the Members due to changes or cancellation shall not be assumed by the Company.

Article 18 (Suspension and Termination of the Service)
If there are any of following conditions, the Company may directly suspend or terminate part or all of the Service without prior notice to Members:
(1) When providing necessary maintenance or updating the devices or system
(2) When the Service is not available due to fire, power cut, natural disaster, system failure etc..
(3) When the Company fails to provide necessary operational services.
(4) When the Company find it necessary to suspend or terminate the Service.
Any losses caused by suspension or termination of provision of the Service to the Members shall not be borne by the Company.

Article 19 (Prohibited Behaviors)
When using the Service, Members shall not conduct any behaviors in line with the statements below or suspected behaviors:
(1) Using the Service with devious purposes
(2) Behaviors Infringing on the trademark, copyrights, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights and other rights of the Company or third party;
(3) Behaviors in connection with fraud and other criminal behaviors;
(4) Using the Service by pretending to be the third party;
(5) Using the devices of the Company or the third party in improper manner or hindering the business of the Company or the third party;
(6) Behaviors in violation of decrees, the Terms, individual terms or public order and good custom;
(7) Behaviors interfering the operation of the Service;
(8) Behaviors determined as improper by the Company;
The Company shall claim for damages to Members due to their violation of the Terms or individual terms.

Article 20 (Scope of Liability of the Company)
The Company doesn’t guarantee that the Commodity to be purchased by the Members will be bound to be from the online shopping site.
The Company is not the operator of sites logged in out of the following domains by the ads, links published on the site. So, the losses of Members arising from using the services beyond the site shall not be assumed by the Company.
If the losses the Members suffer regarding the Commodity bought by the Company are attributable to the Company and under the scope of direct damage shall be covered by the Company subject to the upper limits stated in Article 10-8.
During the use of the Site of Members, the Company will not guarantee that Members will never be exposed to the damages arising out of computer viruses and other harmful programs.
The Company shall not guarantee the normal function of all the machines and software used during the Service of the Members.
The Company shall be fully exempted from the communication costs incurred during the use of the Service.
The Article has stated the liabilities for the Members, and under no circumstances, the Company shall cover the damages and losses, such as benefit losses, indirect damages, special damages, lawyer costs and other unspecified losses.

JP drugstore Coupon Agreement

Terms of Use of JPdrugstore Coupon.

JP drugstore (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) has set forth following Coupon Agreement for the coupon services (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) on the BuyForMe website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) run by the Company. The Coupon Agreement and JP drugstore Service Use Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use”) constitute an agreement. (this Term is also applicable to the new points and other coupons)

Article 1 (Objects)
The Service takes the coupon available on the site (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Coupons”) as object.

Article 2 (Presentation of Coupon)
When the Members apply for BuyForMe Service of the Commodity based on the method specified by the Company or when the Company thinks it’s proper, the Company will present the Coupons with specified quantity and amounts.
The Coupons shall be sent during the period stipulated by the Company. Hence, the presentation of Coupons will be canceled or changed in the event that the BuyForMe Service applications are canceled or changed before presenting the Coupons.
The valid term of the Coupon shall be regulated by the Company, therefore, if the Coupons cannot be used during the term specified by the Company, the Coupons will become invalid.
The Company shall be entitled to make final decision over whether the Coupons will be presented, the quantity and other matters related to presentation. Members shall abide by the decisions.

Article 3 (Ban on Transferring Coupons)
The Coupons shall not be shared, combined, presented, leased, mortgaged or transferred to other Members by the Member.
Even though the Member has registered for several IDs, the Coupons gained from different IDs shall not be combined together for use.

Article 4 (Using Coupons when Checkout)
When Members are applying for BuyForMe Service of the specified Commodity, they can pay all or part of the payments of Commodity (excluding freight charges and handling charges) with Coupons based on the methods and conversation rate regulated by the Company.
If the Coupons are used to pay the amount smaller than the regulated amount (hereinafter referred to as “Par Value”), the exceeding part of the Coupons shall be, in the meanwhile, invalid. So, when used, the par value of the Coupons will be all invalid.
In the event that Members desire to invalidate Coupons, JP drugstore will return the Coupons according to the methods regulated by the Company. However, no cash shall be refunded.
The final judgment on the use of the Coupons is owned by the Company and the Members shall abide by it.
The Company may cancel the use of Coupons after Members have used them. Members shall pay the insufficient fund due to Coupons cancellation based on the payment methods specified by the Company.

Article 5 (Irredeemable)
Under no circumstances, shall the members redeem the Coupons.

Article 6 (Cancellation of Coupons)
In the following cases, the Company may cancel all or part of the Coupons presented to Members:
(1) When Member is in violation of any of the agreements;
(2) When Member loses its Membership;
(3) When Commodity purchasing application is canceled;
(4) When the Company mistakes in presenting Coupons;
(5) When the Company thinks that it’s necessary to cancel the Coupons;
If a Member loses its Membership, then in any cases, the Coupons and other related rights the Member holds shall be invalid in the real time. In addition, the Company shall be exempted from the liability for the losses or damages incurred by Coupons invalidity.

Article 7 (All Kinds of Taxes)
All kinds of taxes and accompanying costs incurred when using the Services shall be assumed by the Member and the Member shall, at its discretion, take necessary actions.

Article 8 (Modification and Abolition of the Service)
The Company shall be entitled to modify or abolish the Service contents without prior notice or consent. And the Company shall not be responsible for any losses or damages arising out of modification or abolition.

Article 9 (Modification of Agreement)
The Company shall be entitled to modify or abolish the Coupons Agreement without prior notice or consent. After the modification, any matters relating to the Coupons shall be based on the Agreement modified.
The Company shall be entitled to abolish the Coupons Agreement without prior notice or consent. After that, any Coupons cannot redeem and losses cannot be covered.

Article 10 (Uncompleted Matters of the Coupon Agreement)
The uncompleted matters relating to the Coupon Agreement shall be based on the provisions of Terms of Use.

Sales OperatorLIU, CHING-YI
ConsultationPlease consult via “Q&A” or write to us via EMAIL
Service ContentBuy For Me·Subscription Service
Other service fees other than handling charges

Commodity amount: the amounts of commodity bought by the customers

Payment handling charges: a payment handling charges the Company pays to sales dealers.

Japanese domestic freight charges: domestic shipping cost from sales dealers to the Company (when necessary)

International shipping cost: the shipping costs needed for the parcels delivered from the Company to the places specified by oversea customers

Other service handling fees: safe packing fees etc.. (when necessary)
About Payment[About Payment Methods]
Only credit card is allowable, please contact us if you desire to pay by other means.
[About Purchase-related Costs]
Succeeding in purchasing Commodity via the Service of the Company. After purchase,
inform the customers of relevant charge details via Email or the methods provided by the customers.
All the cost amount shall be confirmed and paid on the specified webpage.
About LogisticsCustomers can confirm the logistics status via the waybill No. from Order Management and hyperlink to Japan’s EMS web page.
The Company fails to determine the shipping date and receipt date but guarantee that the cargoes will be shipped as soon as possible.
Delivery LimitsThe Company accepts all the cargoes that can be posted to other countries.
※When handling delivery, if the weight and volume of the Commodity is over the limits, we’ll send them separately. (the break-up fees will be charged )

About Sales


According to the service features of the Company, it’s hard for us to accept the sales return and replacement.
Any of the following conditions shall not be refunded and replaced.
(1) Claiming for sales return without accompanying invoice. (part of commodities in the Company are from tax-free stores, so we have to buy them there. The invoice of the tax-free stores is recorded with personal passport and other private information, so the invoice is not provided. Thank you for your consideration)
(2) The commodity unpacked by the customers.
(3) Wrong ordering, booking and overbooking etc. by the customers.
(4) Seven days after the receipt of commodity (the receipt time shall be based on the time on Japan EMS Logistics Site)
(5) When commodity, including gifts are damaged.
(6) Color difference due to computer screen or size differences due to brands.
(7) Allergic symptom due to personal physical conditions.
(8) The off-price commodity or non-refundable commodity regulated by Japan’s website.
(9) customers claim for sales return due to personal preference instead of commodity flaws.
(10) The package may be different due to frequent replacement of package for the sake of preventing counterfeits and we don’t accept the sales return out of package patterns.

Customers shall be responsible for all the following costs.
(1) Without receiving the commodity within definite time or the recipients refuse to receive the commodity or the custom refuse to import the commodity since the cargoes are prohibited products which has made the cargoes return to Japan automatically: EMS shipping cost and insurance expenses for second shipment.

About out of Stock of the CommodityWhen the commodity is out of stock, the Company shall inform the customers of time of delivery and subsequent management approaches.
If one of the commodities (more than two kinds) ordered by the customers is out of stock, and the Company fails to provide the unavailable commodities within 7 days after assessment, the Company shall firstly post the available ones and customers shall not cancel the available commodity orders on its own. In the event that the commodity fails to be delivered on time, the Company will ask specially-assigned personnel to contact customers for inquiring whether they desire to be refunded or continue to wait.

The service is under operation by the Company based on the kindness of the customers

Any other terms and conditions shall all be subject to “Service Terms”.

The customers shall agree with the “Service Terms” if they want to be Members and enjoy the Service.。