Privacy Policies

The Concept of Personal Information Protection
JPdrugstore (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) has been dedicated to creating optimal shopping platform for the convenience of purchasing Japan’s products of users all over the world.
During the process, it involves a lot of Personal Information headed by users and traders.

The Company attaches most importance to Personal Information of users and traders using our Service and acknowledges that the proper use and protection of Personal Information is a bounden social responsibility. Hence, the Company shall, play its full part to protect, properly use and safely manage Personal Information. The following “Personal Information Protection Policies” are therefore stipulated.
Personal Information Protection Policies:
1. The Company complies with laws, regulations and other specifications relating to the protection of Personal Information.
2. The Company is committed to the protection of Personal Information, and vigorously prevents the loss, damage, tampering, leakage and improper access to it, so as to further strengthen the management system.
3. The Company uses the Personal Information obtained within the scope of the Privacy Policies and implements the corresponding inspection means to eliminate the use beyond the scope.
4. The Company wholeheartedly deal with customer inquiries, disclosure and other requirements on Personal Information.
5. The Company will continue to improve the management system and composition of Personal Information.

Privacy Policies
JPdrugstore (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) has made the Privacy Policies as follows.
The Privacy Policies have been stipulated with regulations on the measures taken for using and managing the Personal Information when the Company is running website and carrying out other business activities.
In order to make customers assured when using all kinds of Services provided by the Company, the Company will strictly abide by the laws and regulations on Personal Information protection and make use of rigorous management of Personal Information as the Company’s first priority.
About Privacy Policies:
1. Definition of Personal Information
The “Personal Information” described in Privacy Policies refers to ID No., name, gender, email address, Tel, address, nickname, pen name, birthday, occupation, title, credit card information, shopping experience and etc., And through one or several of them, the specific individual can be identified.
2. Purpose of Use
The Company uses the information for following purposes:
(1) Management of the Members
(2) Sales (including provision of service and contract signing) of commodity, right, digital contents and Service (hereinafter referred to as “the Commodity”, including financial commodity) by the Company and third party.
(3) Implementing activities, rewarding planning and questionnaire, etc.
(4) For simplifying the Member Login procedures if necessary when using some Services.
(5) For noticing customers of some must-know items in timely manner when we are running the Website (including sending Emails)
(6) Advertising and promotion of Commodity by the Company and third party (including relevant Email)
(7) Sending e-magazine
(8) For packing and delivery businesses of the Commodity
(9) For calculating costs
(10) For posting bills
(11) For publishing contribution information
(12) For handling all kinds of inquiry and after-sale services
(13) For proceeding survey and analysis of market data and development of new service projects
(14) For preparing statistical data
(15) When other companies entrust the Company to process Personal Information
(16) The execution of rights and obligations based on contracts and legal regulations
(17) Employment
(18) Research for business partnership
3. Management of Personal Information
The Company has arranged the post of general manager for the Personal Information Management Department and implemented the standardized management and guidance of Personal Information in the following departments to ensure the smooth operation of the Company to protect the Personal Information work.
JPdrugstore Customer Service Center
E-mail: [email protected]
4. Provision of Personal Information
The Company shall carry out the protection of Personal Information and, unless required by Personal Information Protection Act and other decrees, the Company shall not provide the identifiable Personal Information for the third party without consent.
5. Common Use of Personal Information
Pursuant to Article 2 Purpose of Use, the Company and parent company, companies and affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as “Affiliated Companies”) in line with the regulations of Shift-share Method and Securities Exchange Act, subsidiaries and affiliated companies of parent company (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Group”) (※) shall be entitled to the use of Personal Information as set forth in Article 1. Furthermore, the companies specified by the “Group” shall be renewed at any time. And arranging general superintendent to manage matters related to “Common Use of Personal Information” as per Article 3.
※ Cooperative Enterprises of Personal Information Sharing and Their Goals
(1) Cooperative Media Enterprises
The Company, based on Article 2 Purpose of Use, shall be entitled to share and co-use the Personal Information with the paper media, TV, wireless telegraphy or Internet media enterprises that the Company cooperates with and be provided with magazines and so on.
(2) Cooperative Point Service Enterprises
The Company provides personal services for cooperative point service companies and other service companies and will co-use the Personal Information with the cooperative enterprises.
6. Security Protection
To protect the Personal Information provided for the Site and prevent the illegal intrusion of the third party, we’ve adopted industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
The necessary Personal Information will be protected by means of SSL cryptographic communication by the Company to ensure its security.
Besides, the Personal Information is managed under the rigorous management standards regulated by the Company, such as establishing firewall, equipping with antivirus programs and so forth to prevent loss, destruction, tampering and disclosure of Personal Information caused by virus infection.
7. Cookie
Cookie adopted by the Site

Cookie technology refers to the temporary storage of specific information in the customer's communication machine, each connection is based on these data to identify customers.
The services provided by the Company are premised on the use of Cookie Technology and customers may not be able to enjoy some of our Services if cookie technology is not allowed. Customers can set whether or not to allow cookies to be used in the browser. Please confirm the contents based on the needs.
Third-party advertisers, including Google, will advertise our ads on various websites on the web. If a customer signs in to a Google ad's exit page, Google's cookie technology can be invalid. (When you sign in to the Exit Page of Network Advertising Initiative, you can also turn off cookie technology provided by third-party advertisers)
8. Provision of Information and Link Parties
Personal Information is being collected and used as the customer is linked to other sites through this website. This has nothing to do with the Company. In consequence, the Company does not assume any obligation or responsibility for any regulations stipulated or activities carried out by other enterprises or websites. Please confirm the Privacy Policies of each website.
9. The Disclosure, Modification and Deletion of Personal Information
The Company conducts the Personal Information processing such as the disclosure, modification, addition, deletion, cessation of use of Personal Information, the provision of information to the relevant parties, and the purpose of notification pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws and regulations.
If the request does not meet the requirements of the Personal Information Protection Act, customers may not be satisfied.
10. Management Methods for Personal Information Disclosure and Other Requirements
Please send the Email accompanied by the data for identity proving to the Company if it is required to disclose, modify, add, delete, discontinue use of personal information or stop providing information to relevant parties, etc..

JPdrugstore Customer Service Center
E-mail: [email protected]
11. Notification Method of Personal Information Use
Please write to Customer Service Center of the Company for application if customers require us to notice them of the specific use of the Personal Information after we use it.
JPdrugstore Customer Service Center
E-mail : [email protected]
12. Renewal of Related Privacy Protection Policies
In order to comply with the changes of the laws and regulations or to revise the Privacy Policies as necessary to protect the Personal Information, the Company will update the Privacy Policies. After revision, we will publish the most up-to-date Privacy Policies.
13. Opinions, Complaints and Objections to Privacy Protection Policies
Please contact following departments if there are any doubts about the processing of Privacy Policies and Personal Information.

JPdrugstore Customer Service Center
E-mail : [email protected]